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About Us

Our Purpose and Online Advantage
Our www.life-insurance-company.com, can help you locate the Whole or Term Life insurance policy that fits your needs and situation. We do not sell insurance; we collect a small amount of information in a user friendly form and match it with a few companies that offer the type of insurance you ask for.
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Many people who purchase insurance policies through the mail or over the telephone end up with the wrong type, too little face value, or a premium with built in surprises. While nearly everyone looks first at the price tag, we recognize that price is not the only important element. We work to help you find a price to fit your budget, but we also match you with a company who will have a licensed professional who can walk you through the information you need to consider before you put up your hard earned cash. 
When you purchase life insurance, you want peace of mind, in short, a company that will be there without a lot of hassle when you need them. We help connect you with only reputable companies who have a proven track record of paying claims. And while you are waiting for someone to contact you, we also provide you with some handy resources that will introduce you to the insurance language and common terms of various types of life insurance. 

Making technology work for you
The internet is not, and should not be considered a substitute for working with a licensed professional. The advantage of technology is that you are no longer limited to one or two agents in your local community who may have limited offerings. Instead, you can get several quotes from companies in your state and can then ask questions of the agents before making your appointment.

What the agents will do
A qualified agent is one of the most valuable people you will ever meet. It is his or her responsibility to make sure you understand the policy and to stay in touch with you to meet the needs of you and your family as those needs change. When you try to purchase life insurance on your own, you are often making a guess based on a price that seems “cheap” or a face amount that sounds like it should be enough. You don’t have the tools to determine exactly what you should aim for.  A qualified professional is supposed to analyze your situationt — hat means, ask you some fairly personal questions in the privacy of an office or of your own home — and help you understand exactly what you really need.  The professional can also answer questions about when coverage starts, whether your premiums will ever increase, and whether there are any circumstances where the company would not pay.

Explanation of How it works
Complete our simple user friendly quote form. Within a few hours or days, you will receive return email notices or possibly a phone call from a licensed professional who will offer to give you a quote. Most agents today will try to send you an email, so make sure your address is spelled correctly and is valid. Also, make sure you enter a correct, working phone number. Keep in mind that our network agents are not a telemarketers, but are licensed professionals responding to your request.

Our Service Works
Life insurance benefits put food on your table, keep the roof over your family’s heads, and give you peace of mind that your loved ones will not be financially destitute if something happens to you.To get started,
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