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Life Ins Calculator

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Calculate The Approximate Amount of Life
Insurance You'll Need

Step One) Evaluate Your Current Assets and Income

Fill in your present income


No. of years spouse will require your annual income


Your investment income (annuities, rental properties, dividends etcetera)


Current, liquid assets - assets that can be cashed out within a three month period
(We recommend you not liquidate retirement accounts because of IRS excise tax penalties)


The face amount of your present life insurance policy:


Step Two) Evaluate All Of Your Expenses and Debts

Your outstanding mortgage balance(s):


Any other outstanding loans:


Enter your projected final expenses: (taxes, medical, funeral, etc.)



Step Three) Projected College Expenses/ Child Support
*We recommend an average annual cost for tuition of about $15,000 to $20,000

Child: Monthly child cost: Years child will require support: College expenses:
1 $ years
2 $ years
3 $ years
4 $ years
5 $ years

Estimated Additional Life Insurance Needed: $




















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